NEW: Be your school's copyright expert with help from Naomi Bates:

Two presentations Naomi has done for professional development on copyright, fair, use and Creative Commons after reading Renee Hobbs Copyright Clarity. She gives us permission to adapt and use them!

First link:

Second link:

NEW: School Library example of the Libraries Transform: The Expert in the Library is You! advocacy campaign:

NEW from AASL: President AASL President Audrey Church's Initiative

(June 2017)

School Librarians as Learning Leaders: An Administrator's Guide

Annotated Resource Guide:


ESSA and School Libraries:

NYS! Please comment on the ESSA Draft Plan by going to a regional workshop or commenting via e-mail or written comment by JUNE 16 to support school library language. Suggested comments here:

AASL's Knowledge Quest ESSA coverage:

ALA Washington Office. “Opportunities for School Librarians.”
ALA's Office of Library Advocacy worked with AASL to launch a new "Library Snapshot" tool for school librarians, which aligns provisions of ESSA with an infographic "snapshot." It launched on April 1, the start of School Library Month.

NEW: Stanford researchers find students have trouble judging the credibility of information online:

AASL's Position Statement on Effective School Library Programs

Knowledge Quest: Advocate for your school library program with an annual report.

What should be in an annual report?
There is no template per se, but you should tailor your annual report to meet your school’s needs. Be sure to include the good, the bad, and the ugly. Take this opportunity to blow your own horn, but also be honest about areas that need improving when setting goals for next year.
Some suggestions:
  • Mission statement
  • Vision statement
  • Snapshot of your collection
  • Circulation statistics
  • Highlight successful initiatives or collaborations
  • Include special programming
  • Photos of students working, special events
  • Usage statistics for digital resources
  • Goals for next year

The Colorado State Library has prepared a document on the Basic Provisions in ESSA for Libraries, Technology, and Digital Learning__: .

Blog Post for

ESSA: Leadership, Marketing and You --- Sara Kelly Johns

Burns, Elizabeth. “Articulating an Impact on Student Learning.” Knowledge Quest Blog 3 Mar. 2016.
U.S. Department of Education's ESSA web page

Resources for Promotion and Marketing:

Marketing Plan Worksheet (rev.)

Free Webinar: Use an Elevator Speech To Prove Your Value--#SLM17
Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.39.33 PM.png

NEW Pre-Service Toolkit for Principals and Teachers

developed by the AASL Educators of School Librarians Section (ESLS).
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.21.37 PM.png especially the
NEW AASL Toolkit for Promoting School Library Programs
Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.25.10 PM.png

*Toolkit for School Library Media Programs with guidelines for developing a marketing plan (2003, ALA)


*School Libraries Transform Learning:

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.13.32 AM.png

Scholastic's School Libraries Work! (compilation of state studies on the value of school libraries)


*Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 11.07.39 PM.png

ALA Libraries Transform!

A spreadsheet example of planning for reading celebrations:

Jennifer LaGarde's "An Act of Justice: The School Librarian and Breaking the Cycle of Paverty" Keynote slides, May 2016 on the value of the school library and librarians

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.18.19 PM.png

Five Ways School Librarians Can Meet The Needs of Students in Poverty from Jennifer LaGarde, May 2016

May, 2016 study from EBSCO about students' higher ed success with or without a school librarian:

Dr. Joette Stefl-Mabry and Michael Radlick's study at SUNY Albany

"The School Librarian Effect on Student Academic Achievement in New York State:Statistical Causal Modeling and the Effect of School Librarians on Academic Achievement: Moving beyond Descriptive Statistics and Simple Correlations"


NEW: Patrick Sweeney's advocacy messaging articles for the DEMCO "Ideas and Inspirations" blog:

Part I The Importance of the Right Message

Part II: Creating the Right Message

Part III: Getting your Message Out

September 2015, from AASL:

Toolkit Messages, ideas, and strategies for communicating the value of school library programs and school librarians in the 21st century

GREAT compilation of advocacy resources--Bag the Web (Donna Baumbach) Some are already here but many are not!

NEW (7.13.15): Op-ed by Deb Kachel

"The Calamity of the Disappearing School Librarians" in The Conversation

My interview on NPR's The Takeaway with John Hockenburger that resulted from Deb's article:

My Pinterest Page on School Library Advocacy with more resources:

MARKETING RESOURCES--Reading and Research: North Country Regional Library Conference, June 8, 2015

School Library Marketing 101: It's About Students Not Stuff--Jennifer LaGarde

*AASL Definitions of Advocacy, Marketing and PR:

*ALA/AASL School Libraries Transform Learning:

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.13.32 AM.png

*AASL School Libraries Transform Learning Infographic

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.27.20 AM.png

AASL Ruth Toor Grant for Strong Public School Libraries. Funding for the creation and implementation of a local public awareness/marketing campaign that promotes and positions the school library as a necessary resource in the community. The grant includes $3,000 for project creation and implementation and $2,000 for both the school librarian and a school official to attend the AASL National Conference.

*Campaign for America’s Libraries Toolkit for School Library Media Programs


SLJ article on WLMA Advocacy

Now Hear this: Nine Rules for Advocacy Communications

*Joyce Valenza's Library Story:

*FlipGrid Elevator Speeches. Joyce Valenza's Neverending Search blog, "Let's test FlipGrid; Share your Elevator Speeches, Oct. 12, 2013

*Paige Jaeger's SMART GOALS FOR VISIBILITY from her Library Door Blog:

*Seth Godin Marketing to the Organization post

Johns, Sara Kelly. "What can Teacher-Librarians do to promote their Work and the School Library Media Program? Offensive Formula: P+M=A." Teacher Librarian Dec 2008: 30-31.

GREAT article by Ann M. Martin and Kathleen Roberts, "Digital Native does not equal Digital Literacy," that was published in NAESP's Principal magazine is downloadable here:

Carl Harvey's "What Should An Administrator Expect a School Librarian to Be?" LMC infographic from 2009 stands up well!
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.27.45 AM.png

Advocacy Revisited: Newer Insights based on Research and Evidence by Ken HaycockThe Seventh Follett Lecture, Graduate School of Library and Information Science,
Dominican University, 9 February 2011

Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading in Print:

Good studies referenced in this newspaper article.

Resources for Jan. 14, 2015 #PTChat:

*Advocacy LibGuide by Deb Kachel:

NJASL Study: The Value of School Libraries, 2012

Baltimore Library Project Impact Studies report

NEW: Imagine the Possibilities YouTube video from British Columbia:


A vision of the school library learning commons in the future by Dominique Sullivan and Jennifer Lunny.

*NYLA/SSL Conference and AASL School Library Month 2014 "Flip the Switch"" webinar resources:

From Jill Hurst-Wahl, Director of the MSLIS and School Library programs at Syracuse University’s iSchool

*Sue Kowalski's Annual Report LibGuide, a model of being accountable for a school community.

AASL13: Links to the Make an Impact at your School Board Meeting wiki and the Why Common Core Standards Matter wiki for:

Be Visible! Advocate for Your Library at a School Board Meeting! (S1-R27)

One of the most powerful advocacy weapons librarians possess is the creation of a presence at school board meetings. A school board presentation is the perfect vehicle for delivering an evidenced-based message that links properly funded library programs, staffed by certified school librarians, and student achievement. Use our advocacy techniques to visibly showcase your impact on student achievement and the Common Core State Standards.

Be sure to check out the "Help Yourself" page--and add your ideas and hints to it!

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Campaign for America’s Libraries Toolkit for School Library Media Programs


*AASL's advocacy toolkits

*Sue Kowalski's Leadership In & Through the School Library Smore:

*Jennifer LaGarde, :Library Girl's graphic, Perception vs Reality

Originally posted on Jennifer’s blog and licensed to share



Jessica Duffy, April 2012: School Library Advocacy movie (5min, 36 seconds)

"Follow the Leaders: Washington State’s Stellar Advocacy Model," School Library Journal, Oct., 2013

*FlipGrid Elevator Speeches. Joyce Valenza's Neverending Search blog, "Let's test FlipGrid; Share your Elevator Speeches, Oct. 12, 2013

Colorado Association of School Librarians (CASL)/ Survive and Thrive campaign:


Jennifer LeGarde's Library Marketing Plan

*Deb Kachel, DEVELOPING TALKING POINTS AND MORE, School Library Monthly, March, 2014.

SMARTgoalsVisibilityPaige.jpgPaige Jaeger's SMART Goals for *Visibility

*Rebecca Ekstrom, school librarian at Algonquin Middle School in Averill Park, NY.

AMS Library Animoto Videos for quarterly reports:

Quarter 1:
Quarter 2:

LeGardeLibrariansAs StandardBearers.jpg


Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School, video, 5 min., 15 sec.

Published on Apr 4, 2014

Principals Know: School Librarians are the Heart of the School was crowdsourced by Dr. Judi Moreillon and Dr. Teresa Starrett using funds provided by the Texas Library Association, Demco, and the Dean's Research Funds (College of Professional Education, Texas Woman's University).

Video from Washington Library Media Association, “Teacher Librarians at the Heart of the School"

*AASL Legislative Committee's Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students infographic:


Jennifer LeGarde infographic, "The Times they are A'Changing and, the Donna Baumbach ThingLink version here:

School Library Impact Studies (state studies):

*Deb Kachel's Advocacy Guide to the State Studies--A Mansfield SL & IT Graduate Class project

Rev. Ed., 2013:


GREAT school library advocacy LiveBinder from Judy Kaplan, the University of Vermont school library coordinator:

Need to get radical? Check out the Urban Libraries Unite's Rally-in-a-Box!


Rules for Radicals | Saul D. Alinsky

Checklist for effective legislative advocacy from advocacy guru Stephanie Vance

MORE great advice from Stephanie:

GREAT advocacy series by Dr. Christie Kaaland and others, School Library Month, on Articles page, scroll down to "Advocacy."

Follow the Leaders: Washington State’s Stellar Advocacy Model--Marta Murvosh, SLJ, Oct. 7, 2013

Watch Rebecca Ekstrom's Animoto quarterly reports from Algonquin Middle School, Averill Park, NY:

AMS Library Animoto Videos from 2011-2012:

Quarter 1:
Quarter 2:

Frontline Advocacy for School Librarians
Flash cards for each type of library:

NYS Schools Need School Librarians video (3 minutes)

Download 2012 Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium--free with registration

2011 K-12 Horizon Report

April is School Library Month!

What do Teacher-Librarians Teach from Joyce Valenza and Gwenyth JonesWhatTLteach.png

David Loertscher's advocacy site
The purpose of this site is to provide resources for School Librarians engaged in advocacy efforts - some of those immediate, but most effective only over a long period of time.

Dorcas Hand Making Progress by Fives

Peggy Barber's "Contagious Marketing" American Libraries. February, 2014.

The School Library Section of the New York Library Association's Crisis Toolkit:

NYS School Library Systems - Advocacy Toolkit

Colorado Association of School Librarians' Survive and Thrive resources

Dr. Gary Hartzell challenges the school library education programs to engage educational administration programs:

The Need to Shift and Widen School Library Advocacy Efforts

Interactive Resources:


  • AASL Advocacy Brochures: School Library Programs Improve Student Learning

  • From an AASL Advocacy Tip of the Day (subscribe now!)Elected officials react to the voice of those casting votes. Getting others to deliver your message can be an important strategy. Consider the following list of individuals and groups that legislators might listen to: library trustees, Friends, and patrons; financial donors and backers; electronic media and the press; colleagues and other office holders; community leaders; university deans, alumni, senior administration officers, and staff; family, personal friends; staff; voting blocs representing jobs and organized interests; coalitions of organizations; educational and cultural groups; and business groups, chambers of commerce.

  • Library Advocacy: Influencing Decision Makers by the Illinois Library Association and the American Library Association.

  • Seth Godin The atomic method of creating a PowerPoint presentation

Broaden Your Audience Using Web 2.0 Tools

Visiblity & Invisibility - Useful Resources...What Message Are You Sending?

Advocacy Resources:

Horizon Report on K-12 Education external image pdf.png 2010-Horizon-Report-K12.pdf


  • LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER- direct link to contact your Senator:

  • Add It Up Research and statistics to help advocates make the case for libraries at every stage of youth development and education.

  • Advocating in a Tough Economy Toolkit includes talking points, outreach activities, checklists, and resources.

  • School Library Funding Press Kit includes links to Google Map of library cuts, current news/articles, tweets, etc., plus talking points to use.

  • State of America's Libraries Report 2010: School Libraries

  • Value of Libraries. Includes links to articles, resources, and calculation tables.

  • Our Authors, Our Advocates:
    Authors are natural allies of libraries. They are passionately speaking out on the importance of not only sustaining but increasing support for libraries. Spread the word; share these videos and messages with your friends, family, and those who can make a difference.



The Missing Librarians

Grants and Other Sources of Funding:

Useful Websites: